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Golden Lotus Cons

With a collection of enthusiastic and experienced people, Golden Lotus Joint Stock Company has invested and mastered many modern equipment and machinery, expanding production and business directions. Taking prestige, quality as a measure of brand value, GOLDEN LOTUS is committed to providing customers with products that are highly qualified in terms of quality and fine art with

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Thi gian xy dng nh my trong 18 thng v 4 thng hiu chnh, vn hnh th. Ti l khi cng, ng Nguyn Thnh Phong, Ch tch UBND Tp. H Ch Minh cho bit, cng vi vic khi cng 2 nh my chuyn i cng ngh x l rc (nh my Tm Sinh Ngha v Vietstar), thnh ph cng ang trin khai gii php nhm t

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Glass cung cp GII PHP TNG TH V KNH vi nhiu chng loi hng ha cht lng hng u. Cc sn phm knh phong ph nh knh dng trong xy dng: knh cng lc, knh dn, knh ni, knh hoa vn, knh hp, knh mu; knh dng trong dn dng: tranh knh trang tr, gch sn knh, vch knh cho phng tm