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Hng dn chi Minecraft: My nghin Mob phin bn Java

My nghin c e It is possible to grind mobs by smashing them with an anvil. To do so, they should be contained in a small, inescapable chamber (preferably 11) with an open ceiling and a tall pillar on one wall of the chamber (the more placed, the more efficient).

Tiu chun quc gia TCVN 6015:2007 (ISO 5074:1994) v Than

TCVN 6015:2007. ISO 5074:1994. THAN - XC NH CH S NGHIN HARDGROVE. Hard coal - Determination of Hardgrove grindability index. Li ni u. TCVN 6015:2007 thay th TCVN 6015:1995.. TCVN 6015:2007 hon ton tng ng vi ISO 5074:1994.. TCVN 6015:2007 do Tiu ban K thut Tiu chun TCVN/TC27/SC3 Nhin liu khong rn - Than bin son

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